Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Suka Stories!!!! :)

That's right!

I have new Suka stories . . .

So - they finally closed on the house. They have an 80/20 loan - which means the house is *fully* financed and cosigned by auntie em. Now - you have just fully financed a house that's around $700K. So what's the first thing you do with your new house?

a) Move in and relax.
b) Then spend tons of money renovating the house prior to moving in.

Can we guess which one they are doing??? Apparently all of the work is being under the table and paid cash b/c it's cheaper but Star isn't satisfied with the work that is being done.

He claims to have 5 water main shut off valves, 3 thermostats, and 4 circuit breaker panels. And he is bragging about this b/c obviously more is better.

Things they are doing in this brand new house that they just SO loved right. . .

a) New counters in the kitchen (granite we think)
b) New sink in the kitchen
c) Construction of a brand new ISLAND in the kitchen.
d) Replacing ALL carpet
e) Painting and re wallpapering the entire house
f) Finish the entire basement.
g) Re-do the main floor bathroom
h) Since the master bedroom suite is a separate addition, you have to go downstairs and then back up to get to the rest of the upstairs, so they are breaking through that as well.
i) She is Doing the Master Bedroom in Lime Green Toille.

Gods only know what this is all costing. I have to say at least $50 grand.
And they also painted the living room. . . BLOOD RED to match the red in the chairs of the dining room set they "inherited" from my grandmother.

Suka won't move in now because she claims her allergies are too bad with the work being done. So she is staying with 'mom.' Can we say how happy this made my poor cousin when she called to talk to her mother? She calls and suka says "i think she went out" but won't get off her rear end to check. She actually wanted my cousin P to call back and see if Auntie Em would pick up cuz it was too hard for her to go get her.

She says she MIGHT be able to move in when they are working on the basement because that MIGHT be far enough away but she isn't sure.

Meanwhile - this poor child - the sukaspawn. The things they do to that child - in some ways i'd have to think child abuse - but there's nothing we can do for that. . .

So you all heard about he poop puller. so that's number 1.

Apparently there has been no mention of actually child proofing this house. Baby is 9 months old, so one would think you'd want to child proof the house. Apparently not. Why you ask?? Hmm - could it be because the child is not crawling yet? Now granted, 9 months isn't that late for not crawling - some crawl early and some crawl late. However, there is a very specific reason why she isn't crawling yet. It's because . . .

Get this. . . this is too good. . . (sad really) . . .

Apparently, Hello and Auntie Em and everyone else are under ORDERS that the child will NOT be put down. She will be CARRIED everywhere and never to be put on the floor.

They also never feed her in a high chair. She is always held on their laps and fed because Suka claims the high chair back is too straight up and not good for the baby.

I find it interesting that the baby is always smiling and laughing when playing with Hello but soon as Suka walks in the baby starts crying.

The child is getting no chance to develop and learn and grow.

Now, the piece d'resistance.

The other day cousin P called Auntie Em. Suka was there with sukaspawn and Auntie Em was holding the baby. She's talking to P and the baby is screaming. P asks Em "what's wrong with the baby? That's a very angry and mad cry!" So Em says "She wants something I have and I won't give it to her." So P asks what she has and Em says that it's the phone. So P says "So give her the phone! I'll say hi to my niece." Auntie Em says "I can't give it to her, Suka won't let me." And of course P asks her why. The explanation?

.... This is good

.... This is really good. :)

Apparently, Suka won't let her have the phone because she might put it in her mouth, and that would be BAD because . . . .

wait for it . . .

hehehe . . .

The phone is ELECTRONIC!

HEHHE - Enjoy your days!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Life/perception changing things. . .

PainterGirl is hosting Create a Connection for getting to know you. Thought it might be fun to participate a bit. . .

So here goes - she wants to know: "...what book, movie and song not only changed your life, but also changed the way you thought about the medium. It could have been when you were a child or a teenager or just last week. Anytime in your life."

So - Let's see. We'll start early in age. :)

MUSIC: I grew in a musical household. My mother was a flute teacher and my brother and I both played instruments from Fairly young ages. I think the song that really started my love for music of all kinds and struck a chord (sorry for the pun - been with my husband too long) with me was 30,000 pounds of Bananas by Harry Chapin. I started hearing this when I was very young as my mother was a *HUGE* Chapin fan - and we used to say "how much do you love me?" and instead of big wide arms and saying THIS MUCH, we would open our arms wide and says "30,000 POUNDS!" :) Growing up I would listen to more Chapin songs and a lot of them would spark conversations about politics and history that songs were based on, along with pyschology and thoughts about the education system etc, as well as hearing about relationships in many of his songs. It was a way to learn about life through music.

BOOKS: I was 13. I was a complete and utter couch potato. Would come home from school and watch TV all evening. I would do homework at school so it wouldn't interfere. I started reading at a very young age and was good at it - but it was too much like school work. When I was 13, I went to a bat mitzvah and met a new friend. She introduced me to this book. This is the book that got me started back into a love of reading. It introduced to me an entirely new genre and type of writing and I voraciously read all of her books that summer. Mercedes Lackey is very good at sucking in people. I have outgrown a lot of her writing now and having read a lot more things that are more sophisticated etc, I can see the simplicity in it, and yet, I can reread Arrows of the Queen and that whole series over and over and over and never get tired of them. They are old friends. And now I've spent the last 6.5 years working part time in a bookstore and learning about all the other wonderful authors out there and continuously renewing my joy in reading. And of course, having met my husband at the store while I was working, and us having very similar bookshelves, kind of adds to the life altering joy i have discovered stemming from that one book.

MOVIE: Movies are more difficult. I'm not sure if there is a particular movie that made any drastic changes in thoughts but. . . I have to say that the one movie/series that I can watch OVER AND OVER AND OVER no matter how often is The Mummy and The Mummy Returns. I know they are light, fluffy, action movies. There isn't anything deep about these movies or anything else. But the area ALWAYS entertaining to me - and whenever i'm home sick and there is nothing else on TV - those are the movies I put in the DVD player. I wore out my first set of DVD's and had to buy new copies. :)

here's today's little bit of insight into the mind of Miss Ilanna. :)

***warning - semi gross commentary below!***

In other news - Can I call em or can I call em?! - Just heard that a certain Suka was pregnant. (she lost it.) But i TOLD you all she'd be pregnant before her sister in law gave birth. And I'll bet she's retrying as we speak. (so to speak anyway) Rumor has it that she may have an eating disorder (which could certainly explain so many miscarriages so young...) We are also speculating about a possible munchausen's type thing going on. Though truth is, the girl is just playing house as far as I'm concerned. She was visiting Auntie Em and asked Auntie Em to distract sukaspawn for a moment. At which point (and I and my mother have NEVER heard of this mind you) she used some kind of TOOL to extract the usual diaper filler from her daughter stating that she doesn't "pooh" enough. Umm huh??? I mean if the kid is constipated give her a little prune juice and you are all good. My guess is she is playing with a doll. She feeds her, and then the natural progression is to change a diaper, but she does it on a schedule not on an as needed basis and so decides something is wrong if there isn't anything there. And my guess is this only happens on the weekends, b/c Hello is there during the week. I am also willing to bet it's more often done when in 'public' to show off just how good of a mommy she is being. Ahh well - just had to get that off my chest and well.. it's new Suka story which i'm sure you all await with baited breath. :)

Let's see how long it takes for Auntie Em to have to start paying SukaStar's mortgage considering they bought a house for roughly $700K using an 80/20 mortgage. This should get interesting. (oh and before they move in in 2 weeks they want to repaint and wall paper the whole house, put in carpet and granite countertops - b/c suka says she can't kosher the ones that are there. And of course they want to use all of Auntie Em's contractors... we figure in hopes she'll end up paying for it all. but - for some odd reason... they can't seem to hire them. hmmmmm :) )

That's all for today folks :) I had a great time visiting my friends in TX. We just kind of hung out and relaxed all weekend. Got to see the bats fly out from under the bridge in austin which was neat. Haven't gone through the pics yet to see if any are workable. If I do I'll post them.

have a great weekend folks!