Thursday, March 15, 2007

As promised...

Completed pictures of the bathroom

Tub - View 1

Tub View 2
You can see how
he trimmed
the floor so it
would be all even.

The domed
it keeps the
steam more

The double

neat huh?

And a clearer
view of the

:) so adorable


In other news, I gave the bunny to D - and he ADORED IT! he thought it was just
the neatest thing - so I'm all excited.

That's about it new since well.. yesterday. :) Don't get used to this many posts in one week though. :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007



So anyway the project i've been working on is done.

see the story is - my friend B was wearing this blue panne velvet shirt at our friend D's birthday party. As drunk as he was, he was in tactile mode and couldn't stop petty B cuz the velvet felt so nice. :) So i was gonna make him one of my patented stuffed bunnies out of the velvet. But i ran into a few snags.

Unfortunately there weren't enough big pieces to cut the bunny out of the leftovers. and because it's so stretchy every time i cut it the whole thing curled in and malformed etc. So frankensteining the pieces together so wasn't going to work. So while I was at the fabric store I began looking for a replacement.

I found... what amounts to blue polyester muppet skin. :) It's very fuzzy, and fluffy but not in a matted fur feeling kind of way - it's more like "fun fur yarn" if you are familiar with that. And it's very nice to pet. very silky feeling.

So after much shaking and vacuuming of blue fur, and aggravated sewing and cutting etc. :)

it's complete.

I give you - The Great Blue non-velveteen Rabbit! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Which way did she go George? Which way did she go?

I know i haven't been here in a bit.

Not too much has been going on that I can really blog about unfortunately.

The ALIT stuff is really coming to a head with a true fracturing of family going on. Revisionist history, hurt feelings, lack of consideration of other people's feelings etc. Along with setups and manipulations upon the LI contingent's parts etc.

My view of the future, is SukaStar's house falling through, and them ending up living with Auntie Em, or trying to buy my Grandmother's house at a cheap price. Should be interesting to see what happens come May.

not too much else is happening right now. Bathfitters is installing my new tub/shower in the hall bathroom. The Installer is a Kick and a half. From brooklyn, and was a marine for 18 years, and the flirting was on full force. It was a lot of fun. He'll be back tomorrow to finish up.

Here's some pictures of the progress. I"ll post pics of the completion after it's done tomorrow.

Left wall and the Right wall

the lovely soaking tub.

As of when he left, the walls are no longer bare. They are now drywalled with green board. Tomorrow he will install the surround and all of the trim and the domed ceiling, along with the crescent curtain rod etc. I can't wait. I wish i had picture of the old one, i didn't think to take them. The old tub was pretty hideous. :)

I love bathfitters. And as many people don't realize, they don't just lay over top. If the old isn't in good shape, they rip out and replace rather than lay over. Plus, they bring all plumbing up to code and warranty the plumbing with their product for life. This guy, the plumbing wasn't leaking but it had started to corrode a bit, and he didn't like that. So he cut it all out and replaced it with new copper piping. And we bought 2 shower heads with a diverter. So we are going to have y pipe up there with a switch on it, and then there's a massaging shower head, and we also bought a Rain style shower head with an adjustable arm to make it up high so it can work the right way. :) this is gonna be an awesome shower. LOL

The last thing i'm really working on right now is a present for a friend. It's gonna be funny - but it's a pain in the A$$ right now to make, so when it's done i'll post pictures of it too. :)

Your Cuteness factor for the day:

Oh well time to get ready for PT.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Silly? me? no.... you must be mistaken - NA na na na naaaa na. :P

So apparently I'm in a silly mood today. No idea why - just feeling a whee little bit silly.

hum de hum de hum.... :)

So... silly SukaStar story... :)

Auntie Em was telling them a story because apparently Sukaspawn is starting to get her first tooth. (she was born august 5th, this seems a bit delayed to me but what do i know.) Anyways - she's tell them this story about Star's grandmother and how the tradition went, that everytime the baby got a new tooth, you were supposed to buy the mother a new pair of shoes. well, that's a loaded gun right there.

My mom remembers the tradition a little differently. She remembers "when the baby gets their FIRST tooth, you buy the BABY their first pair of shoes." That seems to make a lot more sense, since by the time of their first tooth, they are probably starting to experiment with crawling and standing maybe (depending on development.) it just indicates another milestone.

So Star takes Suka out to look at shoes, and she picks a pair. Anyone want to guess what designer she picked? I"ll give you a hint: The Devil is near by... :)

Yup - She picked out an inexpensive pair of Prada's. (only $350.) To which - my cousin showed a little bit of improvement and said "umm no, what are you smoking?" I'm told she picked another pair from nordstroms, another designer but we're not sure who. But we're guessing still over $100. :) Now - I am willing to pay over $100 for a pair of shoes. But there are certain criteria. A) i'm willing to pay for certain brands. Namely dansko primarily. Because it is an orthotically designed shoe, that i will generally wear quite a bit. they are worth the money for the most part. b) A good sturdy pair of boots or C) a well built designed dress shoe that is COMFORTABLE and that I will get a lot of use out of. But it's rare that i'm willing to spend that much.

I mean honestly - can someone please tell me what makes a pair of Prada's or Manolo's worth a few hundred dollars??? I have yet to understand that myself.

Anyway, i find that whole story very entertaining. She's now gonna get a lot of shoes that she probably doesn't need. :)

There's other stuff going on, but I may save that for the other location. I"ll let you know if i post there any time soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.