Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rant . . .

Ok - I need to preface this posting with the following statement:

I want to THANK profusely all of the veterans who have server our country, now and in times past. All of them have sacrificed their own safety and many other things to try and make the world a safer and better place and we can in no way repay that sacrifie. So Thank You!

Now - I just got a call from one of the veterans groups asking for money. I appreciate that money is needed. Sadly the government just doesn't have enough to do what *SHOULD* be done to properly take care of all of those who've come back injured - mentally, and physically.

Now my first question is: if you have enough money to get a call center calling, where else could that money be put to better use? (and granted I don't know if it was volunteer or not . . .)

Next question: Why can't they accept no for an answer? Not everyone has money to spare to give. This is a tight economy. I have a new baby who I have to buy formula and diapers for etc. And too be honest, yes I have a little extra spending money - but I need that for my own selfish purposes to keep my SANITY! Every new parent (heck every old parent too) needs their own entertainments and pleasures to offset the hardwork that is parenting. If I tell you I don't have the money to spare this year, why can't you just accept that and move on?

Today the call really upset me and p*ssed me off. The man on the other end of the phone was in full telemarketer mode - they had their script of what to say when the person says no. He went into a "Can't you just squeeze $20 out of your budget for these men and women who have been injured in the line of duty . . ." etc. Really laying it on *THICK*! - and I'm sitting here going, it's a shame this particular association is now probably NOT going to receive much from me in the future because their practices in fundraising have really upset me. I appreciate all the veterans have done, but that doesn't add an extra $20 to my budget, and attempting to GUILT me into depriving myself or my family of something we need so I can donate to a cause that the government should be paying for anyway is very upsetting.

I just felt the need to get that off my chest so to speak.

Anyways - have an M picture or two to make you smile.