Thursday, June 29, 2006

So I was wrong... I have SUKA stories... :)

These aren't so much as storeies but little "OMG" snippets... :)
We are at 4 weeks til her due date. (roughly)

*So I just heard that My Aunt M has bought her a $72 hooded baby towel. $72!!!!!!!

*Apparently she drew the line at getting the Hand Painted Bibs that the Suka wanted.

*She (my Aunt) has also put down a $500 DEPOSIT on the Layette. Umm, my cousin's ENTIRE layette cost less than that. And they got it at Target. Not Saks.

*It was suggested she get some clothing in yellow or green, i.e. gender neutral colors so it can be used by whatever the next child might be. She said "NO child of MINE will wear hand me downs!"

*My cousin P sent her brother a Father's day card and sent an anniversary card to both of them. SHe told her mother she was doing this so they couldn't claim that P never sent anything. He got the father's day card, but the anniversary card came a little later, and he says they never got it. (which means, it's likely that she recognized what it was and hid/trashed/disposed of it.)

*So now, with 4 weeks left, she is panicking. Every other day, she goes to the hospital for tests. Everytime she sees a little moisture in her underwear, she freaks thinking her water is breaking. I can understand once, maybe twice, but one would think that the docs would set her straight (not that it would help mind you.)
At one point her husband said "you have a doctor's appt tomorrow, why not wait?" and she said "NO! I might be in LABOR by then! I CAN'T wait!"

*On one trip home from the hospital, they couldn't get home. Apparently someone was shot in one of the driveways on their street and the whole street was blocked off because the police were still looking for the shooter. So he checked her into a hotel. Later on though, he had to entice her to leave because she wouldn't go back. BUt he can't afford to keep her in a hotel for the next few weeks ya know? :) This last one I can ALMOST understand... but still.. so go stay with your inlaws or friends...

*And we also heard she didn't like the present my mother gave them for their wedding. My mother gave her a really cool set of good quality kitchen knives. REsin coated and color coded to avoid cross contamination. Good idea for someone who doesn't cook much ya know? And also for someone who wants to keep kosher. She even had knives on her registry. But she complained because "what kind of a gift is KNIVES??" (eye roll)

My mother is having trouble deciding on a baby gift. See, politics dictate that she has to send SOMETHING as a gift. She is Aunt to the father after all. And while my mother usually hand makes things for baby gifts, we can't quite bring ourselves to do that for this child, not to mention i doubt she'd use it since it's not a designer make ya know? She's leaning towards a Tiffany silver baby spoon.. but they've gotten a lot more expensive over the years and she's not sure she wants to spend that much $$ on her. :)

IN other news, I finally got my bike trainer, and it's all set up. Now I just need to get a step stool so I can get on it. It's already up kind of high, but then add 2 or 3" for the bike trainer and I gots issues. :) We'll see how it works tonight when the Personal Trainer (PT) comes for my workout. :)

I'm off work tomorrow, but i have to work monday, and then i'm off on tuesday. This will be a rather jagged holiday weekend. :) but it should be entertaining. It's the last one until we close on the new house. :)

Have a great holiday everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Engineering Success!

So . . . I was all set to be upset cuz the new trunk style bike rack I bought for my car wasn't fitting. The hooks just did NOT want to go in. Well i decided to try it again, and Low and behold!! It's on. I have it all on and I THINK the straps are tight enough :) and hopefully it won't come crashing off the car with my bicycle attatched.

So this afternoon I will go, with bike "in hand" so to speak to the shop to pick up my new bike trainer. I'm bringing the bike because then I can have them help me "fit" it so it's all set up and configured and stuff. :) plus they'll be able to help me verify if my bike is set up at the right height and make sure it "fits" me properly. I guess that means I'll have to put my sneakers on before going over there so they can guage what it will be like with appropriate footwear rather than my thick soled clogs. :)

I'm also going to drop off hubby's bicycle. it hasn't been ridden in umm. . a few years. :) it's also i think around 22 years old. (he got it in 8th grade) But this way we can get it in riding shape, and if we so choose we can ride around the neighborhood together. :) also in the summer anyway, i can always take my bike over to my brother's house rather than walking :) walking's no fun... :)

Umm not too much else going on here today really. :) dealing with all the minutiae that have to be dealt with re the house and planning certain surprises. He doesn't read my blog but i'd rather be paranoid and avoid him suddenly deciding TO read it :) i'll tell you all about it next week.

It's been a while since an "As Long Island Turns" post but there hasn't been anything new. Of course this could change since i'm currently on hold with my mom and she went to go answer my Aunt M's call. and it's been a little bit - should be interesting to see what happens. I figure we aren't going to hear anything until the Suka gives birth. I think the NY world is revolving entirely around that one event. Should be interesting to see what happens. :)

Night night! (unless something really good comes up then i'll post some more :))

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Terrible Taco Tummy. . .

So i'm working from home today.

My tummy was not happy with the tacos from last night - so I figured i'd get more work done from here where i'm closer to the rest room in case of difficulties. had me running at least half an hour late this morning anyway so i needed to make up the time and driving - even the 2.3 miles to work would have put me further behind. Specially since I would still hvae to unlock everything hook up the laptop boot up etc. Here my machine was already booted and ready to go. :)

I think my system is getting less tolerant of certain things.

In the mean time it's been pouring here all day... with the occasional 5 minute patch of sun. Course it was lucky we had one of those "dry" spells when UPS came to deliver my brother's new bed. His Pod arrived today too - the move is getting that much more on the way.

The hard thing today was the deal with the piano. I grew up with it. It's a beautiful Cherry mahogany kranich and Bach baby grand piano. keys are real ivory. (most of them anyway) I grew up taking oboe lessons on the bench, and having my mom play Pink Elephants and we'd get all silly. Unfortunately none of us have room in our respective houses for the piano, and the piano is not in good condition. To be honest to rehab it, it would be best to just electrify it. And to just electrify it and then store it until someone has room for it just doesn't make sense. So today I arranged for a piano restoring company to pick it up. Unfortunately we won't get any money for it. But they'll at least be able to use it, or part of it, and i'd rather see that then have the junk men haul it away. Ya know? So it's sad that we are finally getting rid of/giving up the piano, but at the same time, sometimes you have to be practical. And when you think of it, it's kind of our last tie to our lives in NY. Selling this house is going to cut all of the final ties with our lives up there, and the divorce etc. When we bought the house in DE it was a "move of desperation" and we are finally moving COMPLETELY away from that lifetime.

It's not just a new house/fresh start for my brother. In many ways it's a fresh start for all 3 of us.

So i have another session with the trainer this evening - in about an hour in fact. Not sure what i'm going to do for my cardio though> The gazelle hurts my knee, it's pouring outside, and I don't have the bike trainer yet. I'll hvae to see if the trainer has any other ideas that might work. i don't know. We'll just have to see. :)

Not much else going on just the usual trying to coordinate everything - parties, work, trainer, new house, massage appts for Mom and Husband, i tell you - i've missed my calling as an event planner I think. :)

Rain rain go away.... but i think it's here to stay - for a while anyway ;)

Friday, June 23, 2006

ahh well

I think this might start turning into a 3 day a week thing. I keep forgetting :)

ANyways - i had my second session with the trainer. We did a mild increase in what we are doing. So for example. On monday we did 6 minutes of cardio, and then we did 3 sets of 10 each for every excercise. Last night we did cardio for 9 minutes, and then we did 3 sets of 12 for everything. Next week I think we'll probably add a different excercise in, change it up a little - maybe start using the ball. :) I like it though. it's working well for me. (timing wise I mean, it's way too early to see actual physical results.) Although, while i am a bit sore, i'm feeling pretty good and that's a good thing. :)

However, i'm going to have to do something different for cardio. I have one of the Tony little Gazelles. But it hurts my feet because due to my weight, the suspended pedals have a "push back" effect, so it's like my weight on my feet, plus something also pushing on my feet. That's what it feels like anyway. Not to mention for some reason while using the gazelle which we got b/c we thought low impact on knees etc, but my knee kept popping and feeling sloppy. SO I don't think it's gonna work for me. So i'm thinking that I'm going to go to the bike shop and maybe get a "bike trainer" and actually get some use out of my bicycle. i've had it for a few years now, but don't get to use it much. Excercising outside is tricky for me because i'm so reactive to heat. So this way i'll get some use out of the bicycle. Anyone ever used one of these? :) maybe when it gets cooler moving on towards september i'll start going outside more. If it's out in the open and more easily accessible than buried in the basement, then maybe i'll start using it more too. :)

ALl in all though - I think this has a lot of potential. I"m not dreading the workouts like i used to, and the trainer is really nice. :) And we'll start doing the food journal soon too, which works simply b/c you are embarrassed to write icky things down that someone else is going to read, so it helps you eat better if only b/c someone else is holding you accountable. We'll have to see how it goes. :)

That's about it for today. The house stuff is moving a long, and we settle in a couple of weeks. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


So even a doctor's note does not get the lights removed. Or changed. They are apparently the "cool blue" that is supposedly better for your eyes. I tried to explain that the color is not that problem but the direct light glare. All they will say is that there is *NO* way the lights will be removed, and that if i have a hypersensitivity to lighting levels there are probably medical avenues that can be pursued. They say these standards are based on what is acceptable to the majority of employees, i have to wonder if they've ever actually done a survey to find out if people are happy with the lighting. i doubt it. Not sure where to go with this next. Will have to see.

in the meantime there isn't a whole lot else going on. Working from home today. :) Doggies are outside barking at the neighbors. dealing with all the fun stress of my brother's move. he's being obstinate and contrary and he has started adding the straw to break the camel's back...I don't think he's going to like where this is going - but we'll have to wait and see.

In the mean time, in other fun with the house - the old homeowner's assoc for the old house is threatening a lien on the house due to back dues, but keeps putting off providing the documentation to prove how much is owed. The RE agent is sicing the lawyer on him to get it since that would be part of closing anyway. We'll see what happens.

Hope everyone is having a better week than I am in some respects. :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

almost forgot...

I had my first training session with the new in home personal trainer. :) she is very bubbly and soothing all at the same time. I think she could be a great lamaze coach. :) "dowwwwn and back, dowwwwwn and back dowwwwwn and back... " :)

Very cognizant of making sure the form is right and educating the usefullness of each excercise. Our entire workout last night (other than the cardio) was done with a theraband. Nifty devices these. :) eventually she said we'll graduate to weights cuz a theraband can only go so far for resistance, and we'll also start using the ball and so forth in our excercises. But it WAS very balanced. Arms, shoulders, legs, abs, back etc... and you would alternate. So you'd do one set bicep and then one set tricep, so you alternated directions which seems to work really well. When we did abs, we did pelvic tilts, crunch, and back extensions. And we'd do a set of each before going back to the tilts. So it stretches in opposite directions too as you go, it's an intersting method and I like it a lot. I"m a bit sore this morning but feel that I got a good workout for the first visit. i'm sure they will continue to get harder and harder.. :) this is a good thing.

They did make an error on my goals sheet though. They wrote i wanted to get down to a size 8. I said 18. :) an 8 is not going to happen. I have too much bone density and muscle mass. I think even at a 16 i think that might be the limit. I have a LARGE frame skeleton and a LOT of muscle.. :) we'll see where we go. As long as i'm healthy then the "size" isnt' that important... :)


We know what's good for you... don't argue...

Sorry - forgot to post yesterday... still trying to get into the habit. :)

So this morning's rant regards corporate polciies and their claim to know what's better for you health wise or anything else than you know.

The current complaint is the flourescent lights. big long tubes of flourescent lights, 3 per fixture, and fixtures about 3 feet apart. There are 2 sets of these, 6 TOTAL bulbs that glare right on my and where i have to face based on how the cubicles are positioned.

I've had these lights removed in the past. Unfortunately, there is a NEW directive from facilities management that all bulbs will be in and active, and this is for the good of the employee as we are then providing adequate and appropriate lighting for a good work environment. This also provides a more corporate look for when clients come to visit, as lights being out looks bad to visitors.

This is bull! I have a headache and eye strain within 20 minutes of being at work. THe lights cause monitor flicker. I have high end antireflective lenses and they don't do sh*t to stop the flicker and the glare and the headache issues... and since i'm at the computer ALL day, this is not a good thing... (hell I have 2 monitors on my desk that I need to keep on so that's double!) (sigh)

stupid policies... i'm working on getting a doctor's note to see if i can have the lights removed for medical reasons. If not I might have to talk to my bosses about working from home more often just to save me the headaches and eye strain. WOuld you believe they said "we can't take the lights out but we can move you closer to the window" umm..well. see i'm already as close to the window as you can get, so a) that won't help and b) do you really think I want to pack up and move my entire cubicle along with computers cables etc just b/c they wont' take out a few lightbulbs? sheesh...(i might have to sneak in a BB gun...)

Friday, June 16, 2006

I"m gonna fly out there and B*tch slap you people!!!

To say the Least i'm very frustrated with some things at work, but to protect the innocent will not post them here. I will only say that people are STUPID... very very stupid!

On the flip side - my morning starting with the entertainment of watching a traffic camera pointed at a truck full of live chickens that fell over. Watching the cleanup crew chasing chickens around was DEFINITELY a lot of fun... :)

That's all for the moment. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is thursday purple?

I don't know - today it feels like it's purple... (shrug) go figure.

funny - i completely forgot to post yesterday, I was home again too so i probably could have but maybe because it was just SO uneventful. :)

Accumamakiki is right - this isprobably one of the worst allergy seasons... my head will not clear, my cough just progresses.. my mother is in just as bad a shape as I am and my brother isn't a whole lot better. wonder what is different this year? Truth is I probably don't really want to know.

plans for my brother's move are... progressing and that's about all i'll say on that. :) Unfortunately the hardwood the neighbor had that we thought might work well in the new house won't as it's 2 different colors and about 200 square feet short of what we need. (and at $120 per 20 sq feet - not cost effective to fill in - plus the colors just don't work...)

Right now i'm planning my husband's surprise party. Good thing he doesn't surf blogs... working out a buffet style menu at the house and my friend will help me cook. :) We'll grill and bake and do other stuff. :) should be entertaining - but *SHHHHH* :)

Also had the eval with the trainer people last week. I"m not sure how much I talked about it - but I liked them a lot. They are VERY upbeat and very encouraging. One thing I like is that they insist on doing at least 10-15 minutes of stretching every session. That's great - I *LOOOOVE* partner stretches that REALLY stretch you out good. :) so my first session is going to be monday at 5. I'll try to report tuesday if i can get past whatever soreness sets in.. (though it usually takes at least 24 hours for the soreness to show up...)

well enough of this babbling... Mister by the way keeps digging up all the dirt in that pot, i think he just likes to dig and play in the pot... i'm thinking next big planting maybe in FRONT of my house...less sun there anyway which is good for the Peas I want to plant.

One of these days... :)

Oh well lunch and new camera toys are here... have a great day all!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

hooommmmee, home on the range.....

Where miss ilanna is home now cuz her sinus' were acting up so badly i had to leave. Of course the minute I left the building my head started to clear a bit... gotta love it eh? :)

Ah well. Not too much else going on here. I ordered all my camera goodies, and they are on the way. My husband's birthday presents are being delayed for some reason but should in theory be here before his birthday, and well the dogs are all passed out. Well that's good, I guess they are better off sleeping than chewing up my potting bench. It's well broken in now I suppose...

I bought some pea seeds - maybe I can get those to grow decently before the dogs destroy those. :)

It's a quiet day... (knock on wood) hopefully it stays that way :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Monday....

When it RAINS it pours... as usual. :)

This weekend I transplanted my green been plants into a bigger deeper quarter barrel type pot instead of the little pot I had before. Of necessity of course, this needs to be on the main deck, as opposed to on a TABLE on the deck.... This morning my dog Mister, decided to systematically take it apart. ANd he pulled each individual plant out of the pot, and destroyed it's root system... one at a time. For a picture, please go to my moblog/photoblog since it was in my phone and those don't transfer as easily uploaded files...

SO then I get to work where I get a call from a friend that her son is in jail for hitting her while she was holding her infant grandson. She has a concussion from it and her face is swollen... and since she was apparently battered when she was younger (and was holding her grandson's mother in the same way) she was flashing back... trying to convince her to get into some real counselling...

In the midst of that, i'm trying to get copies of mister's neutering records since that was a condition of his adoption and they want the paperwork now. (I did this in december, who knows where that paperwork is.) Plus my brother's Home inspection for the new house was this morning along with measurements for flooring install etc...

It was like calls galore this morning, with customers, family members, friends etc all calling for various reasons. However, i've now had my massage and I'm happy. :) although my wrist is hurting a bit but alas...

This weekend for the first time in.. well.. EVER i got to drive my brother's car... he was sick and couldn't drive home - so I had to go pick him up and I drove his car home so he'd have it, and my hubby followed. Actually, he left the parking lot before me and I got caught at the light. I still beat him home. He says I have a lead foot, I say I just took the better route since I never got over 60 the entire time. :)

We also ordered almost all of the flooring and supplies for the house. Need to get a double checked measurement for the staircase so we know that we have enough to cover the stairs and the landing at the bottom. I figure order extra, we can always use the excess as runners or area rug or entry mats etc... :) no worries.

umm.. I think that's about it for this weekend really. WEe also ordered the new countertop for our master bath and the faucet for our hall bath.

We couldn't decide on one for the master. I wanted the two handled one that matches the one pictured here, but he doesn't like that one - so we are holding off and will go to a different store and see if there's one there that we like better. :)

and that's it... that's all I wrote... cuz well - i'm done. :)


Friday, June 09, 2006

nudgy friday....

(please pronounce that not as "to nudge" but as Noogie which is yiddish for easily annoyed and frustrated.... nudgy.)

Today i'm just feeling tired and out of sorts. 2 nights in a row I have slept badly, had weird dreams, and was tossing and turning a lot of the night. I don't know why at this point but it's frustrating and tiring. So i'm frustrated about the schedule for getting my floors done, which I thought was originally going to be late june early july, but now they are talking early august. i've been buggin and going nuts and finalizing all of the flooring samples, and now that i have ti all decided and can't wait to see it, I have to wait until august. :( So that's frustrating. 2 other contractors (for other things) havenot called me back at all, which is also annoying the crap out of me...

Then of course my brother is being his usual self, and feeling overwhelmed but not knowing how to actually accept the help that is offered. So he gets all defensive when we tell him what needs to be done, but then complains that he doesn't know what to do. extremely frustrating....!

Oh well... Tomorrow is my evaluation with the new trainer. Will be interesting to see how that goes, especially since i'm still getting out of breath fairly easily from the sinus infection.

Ahh well - way to start the weekend. Hope everyone else has a great one!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Purple Thursday...

For some reason thursday comes to mind with the color purple. I couldn't really tell you why - certain days have colors in my head...

THursday is purple, friday is red. monday is white... wednesday is orange... tuesday is blue, sunday is yellow, and i'm not really sure what saturday is for some reason. (i'm weird like that)

Anyways - we have finalized the flooring choices. YAY!

THe first one is the vinyl sheet floor we picked for the hall bathroom. The second is the SAME vinyl sheet floor that we are also using in the master bathroom. The Third is a picture of the laminate flooring we picked and the carpet we picked to do the stairs in. needed to make sure that the two went well together. :) I think they are both gorgeous. NOw it's just a matter of buying it all, and having the installer have the time to put it in. :)

IN ALIT... my Aunt R - the nutjob. Called Aunt M in a panic because she coughed and a blue vein popped out on her chest. Of course she screamed whenever the companion touched it. So M called a friend RG to go over and help R. She looks at it, scrapes at it a bit and R screams. She gets some alcohol and cotton, and it turns out that it was just some adhesive left from a bandage or something. Came right off no problems. sheer insanity! :) I haven't heard anything new on the Suka front yet but in all honesty, i don't think we'll hear much until she has the baby. She's due early august so I guess she's right about 7 full months now... or into her eighth month. we'll see what happens when she goes into labor...

and that's all there is for now... :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Forgot to post ysterday.... well it's the sinus infection's fault. I was out of decongestants and my head was all KINDS of fuzzy yesterday...

So my husband drove when we went out to the flooring store. :) I was going to buy the new flooring on line, but this worries me. We're talkinga bout having to store 27 boxes of wood...and I have to open and inspect ALL of the wood for damage within the first couple days of receiving it. Plus i'd have to haul it inside all by myself. I decided it was worth the extra $300 (out of $2000 or so) to get it locally. So we went to check it out. The guy in the store was great, very knowledgeable. He'll store the flooring at the store until i'm ready for it, and then i can pick it up the day before the installers start. Then *THEY* can unload it from the car as they need it. :) They also had some really nice vinyl sheet flooring as an option for the bathrooms. Really high quality with 20 year warranty on it, as opposed to the plasticy sheet vinyl i'm used to seeing. and I think we found a good carpet for the stairs too... :) Not sure the cost on that one but my husband is paying for that part, since i'm paying for the rest. :) it's a pretty chocolate color. :)

Then in mmy dizzying state, we went to the mall to get dinner and pick up some preordered books, then on to the FASTED costco trip in creation. We got there at 8:25. They close at 8:30. We got in, loaded our basket and were out paid in full and at the car by 8:35. I"m seriously impressed. :) then home. I took some pics of the flooring samples, but i haven't sized them appropriately so i'm not posting them for the moment. :)

In other news, my mom and brother found a house for her to buy for him to live in. :) we're selling the other one as it's falling apart, and this will hopefully give him a fresh start on things so he can figure out what he wants to do. This will give him a home he can be proud of and maybe a way to give him the nudge he needs. We'll have to see how it works. (Course when he reads this i'll probably be in trouble but since no names are mentioned I don't really care.)

Not much in the way of ALIT - we're going up there in a couple of weeks I think to pick what we want from my grandmother's house and so forth. I think the house has been listed or is going to be listd very soon, so that will sell and then proceeds divided equally between the sisters. I guess it's house selling mode in the family... :)

Ahh well... not a whole lot else going on here. . .thank the gods for decongestants and modern medicine - at least I can think clearly again... :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Dell Hell Part 2....

I hate dell... I really really really hate dell....

So, remember that monitor I ordered? 2 weeks ago I paid $949 for it.

So i'm looking around online today and what do i see? The monitor is on sale for $759! Ok, I'm a reasonable person. I decided to call Dell and ask for a partial refund. The woman i first got told me she couldn't see the account, didn't have access.. umm ok. So she transferred me - that took about 10 minutes. Then the next woman said, the best she could do was offer me a $75 coupon to use on a future purchase. See in order to get the sale price, I would have to pack up my monitor, ship it BACK to dell, and then REORDER it at the sale price. This of course is unacceptable. She was saying something about a policy, but to be honest I couldn't understand her through the Bangalorian accent. So I ask for a manager.

The Indian manager I get is named "dutch." His accent is a little clearer. he explains to me that the policy is that they only price match on "sales" if it's a complete system. I told him that policy sucked and he told me that it was unacceptable to use profanity on the phone with him. (I guess "suck" is considered a profane term." he was able to offer me a $100 coupon on a future purchase. And i said "all that does is get me to spend MORE money with you for the extra cost of the item." He assure me that no, i could use it on whatever dollar amount i wanted under $100 if I wanted. I told him this was unacceptable as there wans't anything else I wanted or needed from them. He said all he could do was put me through to another level of management. Another 10 minutes later and i'm on with a new guy who's name I didn't get, but who's accent was even fainter. I guess the less accent you have the higher manager you get to be.

He then offers me a $100 refund. I said no, i want the $189 difference. He said that that was above the maximum they were allowed to refund, and the max was $150. I said close enough, i want it. And he very quickly and quietly authorized the $150 refund. Why it was that hard I don't know. I think they are trying to get people to give up on the levels of idiocy and just be willing to take the coupons instead. So in 7-10 days I will have $150 credit on my credit card for the monitor... that's fine. means the cost was still less than the original sale price I saw in march. . . But the 1 hour and 7 minutes on my cell phone was a VERY frustrating hour. . . once agian I reiterate... i HATE dell.

(plus this sinus infection is just killing me!)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fresh Silicone stinks!

I have a new shower. YAY - unfortunately my house smells... ick! :) but such is life. We also have a storm coming in so my cable is all screwy.

Also, to DoctorNOS :) walking, riding, running an hour a day... nice concept, but I have a) no stamina (yet :)) and b) no willpower to actually do it. I'm LAZY!!!!! I acknowledge that fact. I can't being to tell you how many different pieces of excercise stuff i've bought that I have grand dreams of using and never do...

The idea of the trainer is to make me do stuff. In hopes that I will have enough success that it will create enough of a habit, that I will then continue to do things on my own like riding or walking. (with my boobs, running just is *NOT* an option and my torn ACl doesn't like it much either)

I had some success with my last trainer and that was half an hour twice a week. and she wasn't always as focused on me. She also tended to compare herself to me, and say what worked for her would work for me. I kind of plateaued after a while. So i'm trying something new. I tried martial arts and I gained my weight back. So. . . I do what i need to do - and for now that's hiring someone to come over here and say "get off your ass and lets start moving."

In the meantime my sinus infection seems to not be getting worse... yet. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Biaxin is going to prevent it from going to full blown infection. They are miserable things.

and yes doc - you are right, I need to dig out my bicycle, fill the tires and maybe ride around a little bit, when the weather is nice... (i'm also very susceptible to heat and well... outdoor excercise sucks. {grin})

Also - in researching a problem i'm having i'm finding out all kinds of things that birth control pills can do to you.. namely causing deficiencies in vitamin B6 which controls a number of things (or helps with according to the research) such as libido, glucose tolerances etc... and having been on the pill for so long... that might very well be the cause of some of my issues. So i've started taking a B-50 complex and will see if that helps the issue. Will also be talking to my doctor to find out what the issues with coming off of it will be, and if it's a good thing for me to do at this point in my life. :) that's the end of next week though - so no updates on that for a bit.

not much new in ALIT - i think that's mostly b/c my mother is afraid to call . . . :)

have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


So i've been bad this week...

Tuesday was hectic (as is usual coming back from a holiday though I did update.) Wednesday i was in another state for work. And then came down with a case of lunch not sitting in my tummy well and a brand new sinus infection. (i'm blaming the kid i was babysitting monday and tuesday... as good an explanation as any)

So i'm a bit out of it and fuzzy - and working from home.

Bathfitters came in and started our master shower - they will come back tomorrow to finish the job since this is a replacement rather than a cover up. but yay - all plumbing up to code and guaranteed for life. nice huh? :)

other than that - just trying to decide if i want to test at the kung fu school next week. I don't think i'm ready and i'm not continuing with the school for a while yet, nor can i bring myself to care all that much (*could be the sinus infection talking) and yet at the same time I spent $400+ on the quarter and have worked hard to learn the forms, so i should probably try. But unless I can kick the infection the point will be moot as i won't be able to breath well enough to survive the test let alone pass.

I'm also looking into a new personal training company. One that comes to the house. It's not cheap but they focus on holistics, nutrition and overall balancing of things rather than concentrating on one particular aspect. So i figure i'll try it for 6 weeks and then if i see some improvement then it's worth the $$ ya know?

other than that, not much else...need to go sleepy....