Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So . . . It's a .........

So I had this whole plan.

I bought these 2 screaming sling shot monkies - one with a pink cape and one with a blue, then I'd post the appropriate colored monkey to share the news.

Well this of course backfires.

You see - I apparently have a child that takes after mommy and daddy very thoroughly. It was sleeping like I do with one arm behind its head . . . :)

It also was sitting Indian style - (maybe a future yoga instructor? :) ) - the ENTIRE 1 hour ultrasound. Even worse, at one point it moved, and then put its hand down in front blocking the view even further. Stubborn child with a twisted sense of humor I'm thinking.

IN other words, My kid. :) All else is well though, heartrate is 150 - size is right on track . . . :) all good.

But I will share the pics...

here you go: :) (personally my favorite is the "dancing queen" pose on the bottom left.)