Friday, January 30, 2009


yep - that's me - missing in action.

I know i haven't written in ages.

So first off - any body who wants to see pics - bookmark:

There you go.

next - there isn't a whole lot going on so I haven't felt the need to write really - It's work, baby sleep and pretty much that's about it.

I am excited though - we're getting new countertops in a few weeks - YAY!!!!! no more ugly formica. :) woohoo! :)

Umm - beyond that - the only other thing I have to share - is my mind boggling at seeing a young toddler (maybe 18 months?) With his ear pierced. Yep, boy, 1 ear. I have no problem with men having their ears pierced - but a baby???

I have issues with female babies with ears pierced.. I think they should be old enough to ask for it. But I can understand the reasoning to do it when they are infants. My issue is, for a little boy - that's a VERY personal choice. it's not an almost 'given' like it is with most women ya know??

Just felt the need to share...