Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's like the seagulls from Finding Nemo... Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine . . .

yes folks - we have an ALIT story. :)

Relatively short - but is a good example of what is to come in the future.

Apparenly Star was discussing what he was going to do for his nephews for the holidays and was planning I think to give them like $75, or $75 savings bonds - something like that.

So Suka says, "Make sure they know that Sukaspawn wants Jewelry for Chanukah."

Yup - that is correct. The 16 month old little girl apparently wants jewelry. Auntie em went over there recently, and she had on this gold bangle bracelet. (16 months old folks!) She promptly went to show it off, holding her little fist in Auntie Em's face making her look. Then she saw the gold necklace Auntie Em was wearing and started to grab for it saying "MINE MINE!"

Yup - definitely the Suka's daughter.

And I think she is really working to kill the Star. He's having all kinds of health issues, not being able to eat, losing weight, bleeding where there shouldn't be any bleeding....

I think he's finally going for a colonoscopy - but the stress is really starting to take a MAJOR toll - and can you imagine what will happen in March when the new baby is born???? That and Hello is very quietly looking around for other employment.... that will get interesting - I mean - imagine if she had to actually take care of her children herself.... we already see the influence she has on her daughter and her daugher barely knows her...

Sad isn't it??? Ah well... at least we're really watching from the outside now - not really a part of it anymore... Thank the goddess... :)

They are all nuts... mixed bag... :) macadamia, brazil, walnuts.... :)

all of 'em...

I'm told that my cousin A and his wife E painted THEIR new living room red too... it's like Build a Shrine to B this year apparently....

Ahh well - hope you all enjoyed the story. In the mean time - enjoy this video of my brother's crazy dog. :) (you probably need to turn your head to the right.)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beginnings . . .

So -

As I've mentioned elsewhere - I just started taking a class in Macro Photography - so I thought I'd share some of my favorite shots from the first class. Maybe I'll share them through the entire class and see what people thing of the pictures. :)

To start with - my equipment:
Canon Digital Rebel (6.0MP)
Canon 100mm Macro Lens
Canon MT-24EX Flash.

Class on saturday was the first day I'd ever used the flash. It's pretty funky to play with. :)

So - Some of my favorite Pics:

Tree Bark:
I just love the
textures of this

The different
elements in this
picture make it
visually interesting
(IMHO of course)

Very stark on
the background.

Tree P*rn:
That of course
is the first
thing I see.

Less dirty
minded people
see a wrecked
viking long boat
or something

The Following 2 are my favorites. I call them the "bullet holes" although they are more likely from a BB gun as opposed to a bullet hole.

With Flash

Without Flash
(seems kind of
opposite though
doesn't it?)

All the rules
change when it
comes to Macro.


So Honest opinions everyone - what do you all think of my very first foray into this world.

These were all done on a saturday afternoon, outdoors, downtown, WINDY as heck... :) and
short notice. All experimentation - and *ALL* completely unaltered except for converting them from RAW to JPG and to a better size for web/email.

Thanks in advance!

Monday, November 05, 2007


I can FINALLY post some reality without it being Searchable... the cast members of ALIT can sometimes be *SOOOO* accommodating.

So here it is - more than 2 months after it happened -

My stepdad
threw it out -
Thought it
was an ad.

Really looks like
some generic
thing you'd get
in a picture frame
at a store though
doesn't it??

Heck - i know
my cousin well
and it took me a minute to realize it was him in the middle picture.

BTW - more from ALIT - apparently Suka is having a boy. They are planning to name him after star's father I believe. They spent some time really put cousin P down, by saying how THEY would be continuing the name, BY BLOOD. Well P's son has her father's name. But not the last name. Star's son will have the *WHOLE* name first and last - and not just the last name either like Baby Clean Floor. And anyway - BCF has the name - but not by blood (since BCF's daddy is adopted.) Do you believe that obnoxiousness?

So that means 2 first cousins, same generation - will have the same first name. If it weren't so sad - I'd be laughing thinking about that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding - when they are roasting the lamb on the spit in the front yard, and they introduce everyone as Nick. I really feel for my cousin P and for her son D who basically gets completely slighted and punished by his mother's decision to be SANE and not live in the midst of all the ALIT garbage. . .

Oh well - that's about all that's new here - OMG 3 new posts in like a week or a week and a half. What *IS* this world coming to? :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


The title has absolutely *NOTHING* to do with this post. I was just feeling silly.

So - last night I worked trick or treating at the mall. We were out of candy by 615. (i started at 545.)

The amount of kids coming back for extras - greedy little buggers. :) I mean one kid, the 2nd time he came by - I gave him another piece because with *SO* many kids I couldn't be completely sure I hadn't seen him before. The 3rd time though, he came by with his mask on this time, and I KNEW it was him anyway - so I told him no.

Sadly - the adults were worse. One woman came up around 540 while I was standing with S (one of our managers) who was handing out candy. She said "I have 2 kids at home in wheel chairs, and what with all of their equipment and having to clean them up and all that, I'm just doing the trick or treating for them." So S gave her a candy. Then 20 minutes later, she came up and gave me the EXACT same story. (It wasn't worth the argument, so I gave her 1 more piece, but I think its sad that the adults feel the need to do that. )

My friend A who is manager of a certain chocolate store had her own issues. Obviously they aren't giving out their own product, too expensive to be honest, and not individually wrapped so not considered safe. So they bought a bunch of candy and were giving it out. A told me she almost punched the woman that came up to her next. They had completely run out of candy (also around 6:15) and the woman went off on A about how rude and obnoxious it was that they ran out of candy so early and how cheap the store was and how they RUINED her child's evening and that she would never shop there again.

umm - This is free candy folks. Would you go off on someone at their house if they were out of candy? (I mean heck, there was one kid I wouldn't give candy to - he was about 15 or 16 and had no costume. Just a bag. I told him - no costume, no candy - unless he wanted to perform to earn it. He didn't.)

But in the long run there were TONS of adorable kids who were there and having fun (and fallling asleep :) )

Now, even though I work there - what is a trip to a bookstore with out buying a book? See what happened was this. . .

I was holding the mini X-mas trees and commenting "Riiight, turn the JEW into the X-mas display." :) So the new guy heard me, started cracking up and then brought me a book to look at.

It was this.

So far, I've only read a little but it is VERY amusing. I am thoroughly enjoying it . . . :)

I love the things they come out with . . . .

Hope everyone had a good Halloween - and NO, the world is NOT coming to an end because I posted twice in 1 week. :)