Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I did promis an update didn't I . . . ?

Well - I did promise an update - so here goes . . . :)

Pregnancy is all going fine - i'm about 4 and a half days into my second trimester. That's calendar count. My body hasn't QUITE accepted that fact yet - but i'm hoping it does soon. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat at the dr's office and it was pretty cool. :) All seems to be going well with that and my next appointment is at the end of March. (seems SO far away . . . )

In other news - the house in NY was finally torn down. This of course put Auntie Em into hysterics. So she is now going on and on about how hard it is for her etc etc etc. It's been 2 years people. One would think you'd be over the bulk of the mourning phase, and while you still miss the person who passed away - your life SHOULD be functional.

I mean - the Real estate agent wants to clean out the house down south to make it more saleable. So we went through inventory and marked what we wanted. The inventory was then sent to the other sisters as well - and of course - once again - Auntie Em "why do we have to do this?? i can't handle it right now? Why can't we just put everything in storage and deal with it later? It's just too hard . . . " (i'm going to gag now.) It's all about the attention for her. And of course she once again pulls out the old chestnut - that it's harder for her to lose HER parents than it was for her daughter to lose her father - her reason? She had SOOOO much more time with her parents than P had with her dad so the loss is just THAT much more painful. You know what? I think it's much more tragic when someone is taken from you before their time. When i've had a lot of time with someone and I lose them - well they had a GOOD life - why not celebrate it ya know??

Ahh well - typical of the whole ALIT crowd I guess. Suka is due to deliver sometime mid next month - so maybe we'll get some good stories out of that. :)

Otherwise - not a whole lot else is going on - just trying to stay healthy and keep the tadpole growing at a steady pace. :)

Later Taters!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm ok . . .

I know some of you were wondering how i'm doing and I"m doing ok.

Still kind of nauseous - all the usual stuff.

Will probably make a more in depth post later this week after my next dr's appointment.

Bradley's mom - if you read this: the second one seems to fit ok, i'll send the first one back eventually :) and order more of the other one I got too since i'm living in it. :)

HUGS to all!