Friday, December 14, 2007

A matter of opinion . . . .

I know I haven't written much lately - haven't had a whole lot to write about.

Let's see . . . Hubby started a new job this week. No more 1.5 hour commutes! YAY!!! (of course that means more time with him - which could be good..... or bad {wink} [grin])

Umm - our tree is up and mostly decorated - I'll have to take a picture of it to post later on.

We lit our candles every night this year. (But don't worry, my mom and brother didn't get to light theirs this year, so it balanced out on the green end. That story - was just weird... trying to get people to light one less candle for Chanukah to help the environment. I think some of the protesters were right - deal with the trucks first, those are worse by far than a candle that burns for about an hour.) My husband even tried to recite the prayer with me every night. His pronunciation leaves something to be desired, but he's getting there.

The puppies seem to get depressed every time we take off their jingle bell collars... :) I find that amusing as hell.

OH! And today is the first day of Agnostica. Happy Agnostica everyone!

Now... I guess I can start with the nitty gritty.

Not much ALIT news to be honest - the only tidbits I'm hearing are:
1. Sukaspawn at 17 months old is apparently not sleeping through the night for some reason.
2. Apparently SukaStar had to let the weekend 'help' go because she didn't work as hard as Hello. OF course I didn't know they had weekend 'help' - i thought that was Star's job. But apparently they did, and Auntie EM was paying for it!!! (probably out of guilt over Star's illness...)

Now - for my Rant. I find this moderately disturbing and somewhat disgusting. Go on - read it, I'll wait for you to come back . . .

(humming of Jeopardy theme song . . .)

(tapping of fingers . . . )

Ok - back now?? Cool - We found this of course because the article was written by Suka. I was prepared to dislike the subject only because of that, but I read it - and I thought about it - and well, I still don't like the subject.

There are a few reasons.
1. It seems to me, that charity should not require a fashion show, raffles for big screen tv's etc. They frequently do - and that is ok I guess, but to me it isn't something to be overly proud of ya know? I'd rather give a pat on the back to the person who donated the TV. That's a hefty donation. . .

2. They raised $18K give or take. For widows and children in Is. Now - maybe I'm a bad jew for saying this - I don't know - but seems to me (especially living in NY) that there are plenty of things at home that could use that money - don't they say Charity begins at home??

3. I find it somewhat sickening how proud they all are to wear their shirts that say "I can afford to buy my $300 Jimmy's and the $400 Manolo's and my $100 T-SHIRTS, so dropping $100 for a raffle to win a TV I could afford anyway is nothing. . . " and are all patting themselves on the back for the good they are doing - when what they are also doing is promoting how self important they are with their fashion. I mean really... can anyone honestly tell me what makes a pair of Jimmy's or Manolos worth THAT much money? I"m willing to spend $100-$150 on a pair of shoes, especially if they are well made, COMFORTABLE, and will last a while. But I usually try to spend a lot less than that.

4. Wow - people came from ALL the way as far as a whopping 40 minutes to this thing... that is *REALLY * far reaching - let me tell you. (and yet, no one from Manhattan the fashion mecca thought they should come . . . ) MY opinion: They are all Posers....

What do you think?