Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I know i don't update much anymore (if at all) but timing and all that.

you can find me on facebook if you are really interested! or just email me!

But for those who want - New baby pics and videos! -

Friday, January 30, 2009


yep - that's me - missing in action.

I know i haven't written in ages.

So first off - any body who wants to see pics - bookmark:

There you go.

next - there isn't a whole lot going on so I haven't felt the need to write really - It's work, baby sleep and pretty much that's about it.

I am excited though - we're getting new countertops in a few weeks - YAY!!!!! no more ugly formica. :) woohoo! :)

Umm - beyond that - the only other thing I have to share - is my mind boggling at seeing a young toddler (maybe 18 months?) With his ear pierced. Yep, boy, 1 ear. I have no problem with men having their ears pierced - but a baby???

I have issues with female babies with ears pierced.. I think they should be old enough to ask for it. But I can understand the reasoning to do it when they are infants. My issue is, for a little boy - that's a VERY personal choice. it's not an almost 'given' like it is with most women ya know??

Just felt the need to share...