Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drum Roll Please . . .

So -

One of the reasons I haven't been posting much is because there was stuff going on that I couldn't tell anyone about. And you all know me - I can't keep my mouth shut so rather than post about nonsensical things and try to keep my mouth shut I decided that I wouldn't post about anything.

So lets see - we had good holidays :) As I said on Bradley's blog, our tree is still up and somewhat healthy as well - not dropping many needles at all - I know we need to take it down, but at the same time I hate to get rid of a tree that is still so nice and green ya know? :)

I got some cool stuff for Christmachanukwanzayule this year too... I got a nintendo DS with brain age, and solitaire, and word jong and mah jong etc. Lots of fun to play with. Got some new sweat pants and a new sweatshirt that i'm pretty much *LIVING* in . . . and I *FINALLY* got the bathrobe I'd been wanting for 3 years. The problem is that its ll bean, and by the time xmas etc comes around they are usually sold out. So hubby got smart and took care of it in OCTOBER this year. :) So now I finally have it and I"m very happy. :)

There have been a few minor suka stories but nothing worth major documentation. She's getting paranoid again at the end of the pregnancy. Goes to the hospital like 4 times in a week. Every time she feels a slight twinge she goes to the hospital. she isn't due until mid march. I can't decide if she's paranoid, or just looking for the attention or what? I know some people do need to go in early for legitimate reasons - but she did the same thing with sukaspawn. Nothing was ever wrong - she just went in for EVERYTHING. Weird.

So - I guess i've tortured you all long enough. You probably want to know what the news is. Some of you already know and some of you may have guessed - but here it is:

This is our little blob. :)

I"m approx 7.5 - 8 wks

Heart rate is 157

Due date 9/5/2008

That round blob
that looks like a head
at the bottom is the
yolk sack - peanut
is up above that. :)

So that's my news. Hubby and I are officially Spawning. :)

I told hubby the day he came back from visiting his family for the holidays. He wants to know who the daddy is since i wasn't PG before he went home. :) (well I was, we just didn't know it :) )

Truth is he is very happy about it. Already making puns. Has decided peanut will be born early, so that he/she/it is born on labor day. :)

I'll keep you all posted... because as we all know I can't keep my mouth (or my fingers) quiet. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Post

Coming soon I promise.... :)