Friday, July 13, 2007

overboard, underboard, hit them with a board?

So, in a few weeks we have an auspicious even occurring. Sukaspawn is turning 1 whole year old next month. This of course has sparked a flurry of planning and ideas for what to do.

Now first - what would YOU do for a first birthday party? I always thought (and granted I don't have kids myself yet) that some family a few friends, and a few other kids. Something low key, at home, or some place else kid friendly. Right?

So - Abbreviations - Location#1 = LCC (a country club) Location#2 = BE (Ball room at a religious institution) Location#3 = BS (Ball room at second religious location) Trip #1= HP (a certain chocolate amusement park, Trip#2 = IS (a certain small country in a war torn part of the middle east with religious significance.) Ok - got it? Good.

Ok - so the first idea was going to be a party for roughly 75 people at LCC. I'm still trying to figure out how that could be appropriate but hey... I"m practical. :) This is the most mild of the plans as far as I know.

#2 - Grand Ballroom at BE. With a D. Princess or a magician for 60-70 people.

#3 - "well, why don't we take her where we went on our Honeymoon?" I.e. HP. :) But that idea was nixed because Sukaspawn is too young to eat chocolate. (because THAT is the reason I would cancel a birthday party for a 1 year old at an amusement park....riiiggghhhhttt...)

#4 - "how about we take her to visit IS?" - again, a 1 year old, on a plane for umpteen hours for something she won't remember to a place that isn't precisely SAFE right now....

#5 - We're back to BE. 70+ people involved and D. Princess CinderE.
(I find it interesting they picked one of the Princesses that relied on her man more than the more modern ones.. but that's a psychology lesson for another day.)

Well, that was the current plan until they found out that BE wasn't available due to rennovations. (they don't have memberships at ANY of these locations btw, they just try to piggy back on family members.)

#6 - BS. Big ball room for approx $600-700. 70+ people. 3 D. Princesses, a Face painter, and a Moon bounce, an elaborate luncheon etc.

Apparently, when describing this to the woman at the temple, she looked at Suka and said "are you crazy?? she's 1 year old!" At which point Suka gets upset and Suka's mother takes the woman aside and berates her for being cruel and rude to her daughter and that she owes her daughter an apology etc.

They leave and go to Auntie Em's. Where suka breaks down in TEARS about how everyone is so mean to her and that she just wants to do the best for her daughter and doesn't want to cause trouble for anyone. And that she (this is good) doesn't want to cause trouble with the furniture and chandelier and Auntie Em should just take them back because she doesn't want to be a bother etc. (all done with tears.) At which point of course Auntie Em and Suka's mother calm her down and tell her of course she shouldn't give back the furniture etc and blah blah blah.

Last I heard we are up to option #7.

#7 - Downgraded to the smaller ballroom at BS for $350, and down to 2 D. Princesses. Don't know which ones, and I don't know if the moon bounce is staying and/or the face painter either. And this is all being planned for first week of august.

and You KNOW auntie Em is going to end up helping to pay for it. But when cousin P calls her mother b/c her house is in bad shape, and will require $25K worth of repair she gets "well I guess you'll just have to take out an HE loan." Nice huh?

P also tells her mother that her son will be going to 6 weeks of camp this summer because they can't afford the full 8 weeks. So Auntie Em says "why not come up here for the last 2 weeks?" So P asks what would her son do? And Auntie Em says "Well we'll enroll him in camp up here for 2 weeks, i'll pay for it." So why won't she pay the less expensive 2 weeks down where he'll already be. No, it's perfectly all right to bring a kid to the last 2 weeks of summer camp in one of the cliquiest environments in the world... right - this is a good thing. (EYE ROLL)

And last but not least - apparently Suka was talking to Auntie Em on the phone and the following comment came out: "My HUSBAND says I should have everything I want, because I deserve to be happy." Right there establishing a hierarchy... "he's *MY* husband first, and your son second..." Lovely right?

Oh well - there's your suka stories for the day. Might have more after next weekend when we go back up for final estate settlement discussion type things. I'll let you know.

For now - I will just leave you with some puppy cuteness. This is a picture of the puppy my brother is supposed to be bringing home in another week or so.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

OMG i've been tagged!

It's the first time I've been individually tagged - cool. :) so here we go - Mary Bishop was the one holding the tail to pin on me this time... so without further ado:

Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1)I played oboe for 14 years and miss it desperately but my practical nature won't let me spend the $$ it would cost to really have one to play.

2) I went to grad school for Theatre Production and ended up fixing computers for a living.

3) I have 4 tattoos and am scheduled for more . . . :)

4) I have a twisted view of the natural food chain - i'm a meat eater, I believe in animals doing as they were meant. I rescued a bunny yesterday from my dog, but it wouldn't have bothered me to know it was fed to a snake. . . (I used to have pet snakes.)

5) I'm an inherently lazy person - the least amount of energy required. :) (one of my favorite cartoons - Count your Sheep - said - "i'm not lazy, I'm physically Conservative!")

6) I Like cars. I'm not a "car buff" per se - but I like nice ones, and I like to be comfortable in them, and i *LOVE* to brag about what kind of deal I got on whatever my latest one is. :)

7) I used to have a motorcycle - and I still have the license.

8) I make stuffed bunnies. :)

(i'm not really sure who to tag - so anyone who reads this and wants to participate - you are tagged!)


Monday, July 02, 2007


So - i have never seen Mister move as fast I saw him move this morning.

A baby bunny found it's way into our yard. :( And he caught it. On the bright side - baby bunny is doing ok. He dropped it when asked (mostly) though he did still try to play and kept following it. it found it's way into a hole trying to get away from him - but couldn't. It was crying. :(

So I picked it up and brought it inside and put it in a box. And it is now at the wild life rehabilitator being taken care of.

a little scared, a little torn skin - but no blood.

In other news - we rescued the jewelry from NY - at least the stuff we were really worried about. As for everything else - we probably won't get any of it, and we'll just have to live with it. Such is life I suppose. Not a whole lot to report on there - just... rumblings that we may have helped foster. . . and we have front row seats!! :)