Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The bunnies of indecision. . .

Now - if that isn't a strange post title, I don't know what is . . . :)

The explanation - it is a silly one, but there isn't a WHOLE lot that I really want/can write about right now. :)

Here are the bunnies: (2 of them at any rate)
I know it is hard
to see here, but
you can click and
see it bigger. I
just could *NOT*
decide on what
color to make
the eyes of the
beige bunny.

I had 2 blues,
green, brown,
and red.

Well - Red isn't a good idea. Only if I'm making a bunny for the Monty Python crowd I think.

The Brown was so dark (not that these aren't dark. . . )

So finally I did a green and a blue. (for reference, the fabric 'paint' dries lighter than you see it here. You can definitely see the color difference now this morning when it's dry.)

These were made for a friend of mine at work who just had a new baby, and he also has a 2 year old little boy - so gotta make for both of them ya know?

(Btw, if anyone is interested in having one of these made to give as a gift or for their own kid, PLEASE contact me and we can discuss cost and customizations. I enjoy making these quite a bit. And pretty much any pattern/color I can find in the fabric, I can make.)

Sorry there is no new ALIT news - we are studiously avoiding the folks in NY, for any number of reasons. Not the least of which is that there is stuff going on that we don't want to tell THEM about as soon as they hear it, it will be "woe is me, poor me, what i have to deal with that *MY* family is going through this . . . blah blah blah" when really - they have nothing to do with it.

Honestly - I think my husband is disappointed. Every night he asks if there's any new family dramas and lately I've been saying no a lot. I think he misses his "soap." :)

Other than that - things are relatively quiet here - nothing much to say which is why I haven't blogged much as late.

I am going to be taking a photography class starting saturday for 6 weeks. It is a Macro Photography class, so learning how to photograph LITTLE things. :) You might see more updates if I manage to take pictures of anything really cool. :) Gotta share and get opinions after all. :)

So that is all for now folks.

Have a great day! :)