Monday, June 11, 2007

Confectionary Prosthetics. . . .

(I'm going to have to get one of you bloggers to tell me how to see what people search on to get to your blogs etc, to see how much I get off of this oddball title. . .)

I'll explain the title in a bit.

First - I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long. There has been *SO* much stuff going on with SukaStar et al and getting so emotional, that it was just impossible to really blog about.

The 2 mind boggling things. . .

1 -Guess who suddenly has an austrian crystal chandelier in their brand new red dining room, hanging over my grandmother's dining room set???

Yup - they took it - without asking anyone. Hopefully there will be a resolution to this soon.

2 -apparently they are furnishing their entire house by shopping at Grandma's house. The RE agent keeps telling us she finds the alarm off every time she goes to visit and the house is trashed. If they want a bookcase - they take it and dump everything else on the floor.

These are just to 2 biggies - there's been some nasty NASTY emotional stuff on everyone's part of up there, even A&E who we thought were decent - even they are making nasty an insensitive comments... - Guess who won't be getting anything handmade for their baby shower??

At any rate - time to jump topics.. (this will happen a few times today.)

So can you believe - that all of this packaging. . .

Is for THIS??

Gotta love it eh?? :)

Now - to explain the title...

last weekend (not this just past but the one before) me and the household knives were having some arguments. I cut 2 of my fingers on my new Mandolin slicer. Yup - sliced off little sections of my finger tips... that was fun. Then I was using my Kershaw Mezzaluna (DISTURBINGLY SHARP) and I went to clean it and accidentally ran my forefinger over it - with reasonable amount of pressure. So I had a nice 1/2" long cut that was probably at least 1/8" deep. It was bleeding. A lot. So i called my mom to see if i should get stitches - and she said "pour pepper on it." I said "HELL NO!" (my brother did that once, said it burned like 1000 suns, course it DID stop the bleeding... but no.) So she had me put a damp tea bag over it which did help the clot factor and I was able to bandage it. Then i went back to chopping, and nicked the forefinger on my left hand. at this point I had 4 fingers out of 10 bandaged and I handed the knife to my husband and said "your turn!"

So a week later I finally have no bandaids on my fingers but the big cut is still there - though thankfully finally closed all the way. So yesterday, mom and I are laying in bed watching "The Little Mermaid" which she has never seen. My husband (the pun nut) came in and said,

"just in case we have a repeat of last weekend, I decided to be prepared." And from behind his back he pulls and hands to me a Package of Lady Fingers.

I looked at them for a minute and then threw them at him while laughing hysterically at just how far my hubby will go for a joke. My THRIFTY husband spent MONEY on a joke. :) At which point while laughing I couldn't help talking about my husband's idea of Confectionary Prosthetics! :)

Later that night he brought me a bowl of ice cream with lady fingers... (very tasty dessert.)

And last but not least - for the cute factor of the day... We finally cleared the space so the loveseat was easily accessible by those afraid of giant exercise balls, so they are back at their favorite activity . . . (mister in particular)