Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here we go again....

I know it's been a while - but I was waiting for updates and stuff. :) silly me. There wasn't a whole lot going on. :)

So - The bad news is I have Gestational Diabetes - Good news is it's mild for now. Need insulin at night but during the day it's all controlled well through diet. Which is the other silver lining, maybe I'll learn to eat better and lose weight after the baby. (or continue - I've only gained about 7 lbs so far with this pregnancy and i'm just finishing my 6th full calendar month.)

Shots in the belly are interesting. :) They don't hurt - and i get to play "scientist" when i fill the syringes. (gotta have fun with this stuff ya know? LOL)

Also - i'm only at a total of 7lbs gained (not counting the initial 10 we thought i'd lost...just being safe.) So YAY!

now - the moment you've all been waiting for i'm sure...




(and please, let's limit the PINK. It is *NOT* my favorite color... :))