Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Name hath been REVEALED . . . :)

That is correct - we have a name for SSSP2. :)


Now they are going for the hebrew pronunciations on this - so "Da Veed" and "rue vain"

Course apparently suka can't spell real well - and didn't realize that if they were going for "rue vain" then maybe she should have used an actual, i don't know . . . *v* in the name??? :)

Auntie Em paid for the food for said event - paid for 80 ppl. 25 showed up. :)

There's a few other things but nothing so spectacular that I"m going to go crazy with it here - just wanted to share the name. :)

IN other news . . . :)

The dr today confirmed that the breathing issues i've been having are most likely pregnancy related. Going to get some pulmonary tests done next week anyway but he said not worry about it. I think the way he explained it was that the extra progesterone hormones etc make it feel like it's hard to catch your breath, and then add in the extra fluid retention and the pressure of things moving around and we're all good. Now, he also explained part of this was for more oxygenation. The way I explained this to someone (who found it very entertaining) was that You hyperventilate because baby wants to steal more oxygen - Silly little parasite. :)

Baby's heart rate was 152 - so we're good there - BP was fine - and I decided to decline the screening test for the downs and spina bifida and all that. The risk is pretty low - I'm taking care of myself, been on folic acid and DHA supplements for 6 months PRIOR to the pregnancy - so why stress myself with possible false positives ya know? :)

The big reveal ultrasound is going to be on April 15th - in the evening so hubby can join us. :) Hopefully the tadpole cooperates. What's cool is that I get to have a 3D ultrasound. :)

Not a whole lot else happening on the baby front at this point - I'll update you all around 20 weeks :) or if we find out anything significant - (20 weeks is around 4/18)

In other non ME related baby news... Apparently this woman my friends and I know - went into the hospital for a kidney stone last week. She came out with a 7lb 6oz baby boy. She claims to have not known (or in serious denial) that she was pregnant at all. Now I know this does happen occasionally - but usually it's larger women where the belly change isn't as noticeable. This woman was like 5'8" 130. We're not talking plump here. I just don't understand how you don't FEEL it etc... :) Go figure. I told my husband she had a 7lb 6oz kidney stone and told him the kid's name. He thought I was making a joke. :) His eyes about popped out of his head at that news. :) Life is definitely interesting eh?? :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Suka Spawn - Service Pack 2 - SSSP2 :)

Yes - you guessed it - the 2nd child has spawned hale and hearty from the Suka. 7lbs or something like that 19" - born on this past saturday.

Of course - they won't share the name - They have decided that they will not tell ANYONE the name until the bris - THIS saturday. (Thankfully I already have an excuse to not go, even if they did bother to invite us - which they haven't. :) )

This withholding the name thing is just another attention grabber of course. Cousin P thinks it is revenge because she found out the sex of A&E's baby (baby clean floor) when SukaStar didn't get to know. (E knew, but A didn't want to so she could only tell people she KNEW wouldn't spill the beans.)

But - I don't think this is the reason. That might be a nice side benefit - but not the reason.

*I* think the reason is because they are planning on a name that is going to stir the sh*t and they are waiting for a nice public and crowded venue where they can make the announcement when the sh*t can be stirred nice and quietly and no one will make a scene.

There are two options.

#1 - John Joe Doe. (obviously not the real name. :) You see - Star's dad passed away when he was around 15 or 16 or so. When P had her son 9 years ago, she named him John in honor of her father - per jewish tradition. But as is typical of my insensitive Auntie Em - she has gone on and on through out Suka's 2nd PG, about how they may name the kid for Star's dad John, and john would then FINALLy have the name. Umm huh??? What about my son John??? "oh - well, this will be the REAL name, because he'll have the last name too . . ."

Can we say incredibly obnoxious?? And of course you know that STar would love to announce that he finally has the name etc - completely insulting his sister. This falls under the same category of "oh, it was much harder for me to lose My parents than for your P to lose your father, because I had them so much longer, it hurts that much more."

#2 - Jim John Smith (finding generic names is hard. :) ) - This would be naming him for my grandfather. Now - TECHNICALLY my grandfather has already gotten the name with baby clean floor. ANd I find it kind of rude that they gave him that name. NOt because I wanted to use it for myself... (which I do but that isn't the reason) - but because her father had JUST died. Jewish tradition says there's a priority - parents get the name first, then grandparents, then beyond. So her FATHER should have gotten the first name and precedence rather than giving priority to our grandfather instead. Water under the bridge. But - Star - He may do my grandfather's name which while I can't do anything about it - will *REALLLLY* upset me. That will also stir the sh*t but in different ways i'm sure.

once i hear any good stories from the bris - i'll let you know. :) somehow i'll announce the name.

***update - So originally as usual Suka's parents said they'd pay for the Bris - but now of course Auntie Em is once again paying for the whole thing and now Star is pushing for an additional party on friday night... plus they want to invite a bunch more people than originally planned... are we having fun yet? :)

In PG news - i'm now 15 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Doing ok for the most part. Still kind of tired, and nausea hasn't completely gone away - but i'm getting better - definitely. My next appointment is the end of this month.

There isn't a whole lot of other stuff going on right now. Going to visit DH's family up north for Easter - I believe there is a 'christening' or baptism involved. (not sure which it is/what it's called.) But we're being named Godparents.

Then next week I'll be going to Quantico to see my friend graduate from the FBI academy. I find it amusing that they are graduating on April Fool's day - but we all know the FBI has no sense of humor. (grin) Just kidding. ;)

And that's all news that's good gnus :) at this point. (thank you Great Space Coaster for the reference :) - never say I don't give credit . . . )