Wednesday, September 26, 2007

2 bottles of beer . . .

Those who know my last name in real life probably appreciate the BAD joke I'm trying to make with the title. . .

So anyway - it has now been 2 years that I've been married. 2 WHOLE YEARS! Amazing isn't it? :)

Things are good and I'm happy, and as I told my husband, No regrets.

Hubby and I went out to dinner at a local brew pub that we like - I had beer cheese soup. I haven't had that in YEARS. That of course completely filled me up so I barely ate my dinner. Which was a lovely rare flat iron steak with green beens and carrots. I stole the horseradish sauce from my husband's appetizer and it was lovely. :) (And lovely again Tuesday night for leftover dinner.) Didn't have much beer though - ironically. :)

I gave my husband the DVD set he'd been wanting and he gave me this:

(Those are MY glasses. I
find that Dronkey makes a
great place to put my
glasses at night, since they
don't fold up. . . )

Hubby has been trying to
find me one of these for a few
years. Ever since we saw Shrek2
in the theatre and he saw
my reaction to them on
the screen. But he's not
as computer saavy as I.

He finally told me a week or 2 ago that he'd been trying to find one for a couple of years. I told him that in the future, if he's trying to find something for me but doesn't want to tell me what it is, he should email my mom or minijaxter as they should be able to find it for him. :)

So my mom then told me that hubby got me something silly. So I said "is it a dronkey?" To which mom played dumb very convincingly and claimed to not know what a dronkey is and got all cute and stuff when she found out. :) she did a good job.

So - there isn't a whole lot of ALIT going on. The only new thing is that Suka is preggo again. We all knew it wouldn't take long after her sister in law was preggo. So now that Baby Clean Floor (BCF) is born, they of course have to catch up. Or at least Suka does.

I realise however that there are those out there who probably don't know why the new baby M is called Baby Clean Floor. I have been remiss and I'm sorry.

Here's the story:

Auntie Em was very distraught when she heard the name they had chosen. "How can they name him that? It's not a jewish name, or a LI name, and it's horrible and how could they do that?" etc etc etc. So Cousin P said "ma, if you're smart - you'll keep your mouth shut about it and live with it." So she did. A few days later Auntie em starts going on with "Oh P, isn't it wonderful? Isn't it such a wonderful jewish name that they've chosen?" P at this point is understandably puzzled. Auntie Em continues "The name... it's really from a hebrew word!" (the word to which she refers, if you take the name from the previous post, put the emphasis on the last syllable and pronounce it REEK you'll have it. - For now i'll just use Reek as the word itself.) "yes, REEK! In hebrew it means SHINY or BRIGHT!" Umm.. ok. Sure.

So a few days later Star is talking to his friend who lives in a certain jewish country overseas. He says "isn't it great how they picked a jewish word to be his name?" and his friend says "umm, star.. . . You do realize that REEK means 'Clean Floor' right?"

Mom confirmed it with another friend of hers, and it is definitely an idiom in the spoken language to mean Clean Floor. It can also mean bright, but not in the way Aunie Em thought . . . more like "oh yeha... realllll bright." Noted with much sarcasm.

So we have a new character to add to the list. BCF - Baby Clean Floor. :)

And I guess in about 5 or 6 months we'll have Sukaspawn the second.